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[Dysphagia] carbonated beverages

  • Subject: [Dysphagia] carbonated beverages
  • From: Casper219 at aol.com (Casper219@aol.com)
  • Date: Mon Jan 19 21:04:54 2004

I got a question today from a rehab director who says she is used to seeing 
carbonated beverages as a transition from thickened to thin fluids.  She's new 
to her position and the SLPs she works with are not familiar with this 
practice.  I understand the potential benefits of carbonated beverages for some 
patients in terms of the premise that there may be some sensory stimulation from 
the carbonation, but wondered if anyone was a. using this routinely in their 
practice and / or b. had any evidence to support or refute this practice.  My 
personal / anecdotal experience with soda has been mixed.  
Thanks for your assistance!
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